ZOE’s NextGen Ministry is a cradle-to-college ministry for the children ZOE rescues. Our strategy has measurable goals and clear objectives for each age.

It is one vision, one mission, one strategy, one team giving parents a clear path to champion their kids’ spiritual lives.  

Transitioning to NextGen Ministry took time, teamwork, humility, and persistence. It required outside-the-box thinking, and it’s exciting to see how God revealed new ways to reach children and youth, and partner with the parents who are raising the children ZOE rescued.

Each phase of a child’s life matters. The last thing we want is our kids getting lost in transitions. My team and I partner with ZOE’s house parents and provide them with the resources they need to be the spiritual champions for their children. We strategize to teach comprehensively and consistently from preschool through college, and train other leaders around Thailand how to work with the different age groups.

Let’s break it down even further…We win each time a little girl begins to see Jesus as someone she wants to follow, rather than just the God her parents believe in. We win when a little boy starts asking tough questions about God and about his faith – because wrestling, thinking, and doubting are better than blind acceptance. We win when she chooses to spend time with God, even if it’s not very often. We win when he finally understands what his testimony is. We win when she begins to act more like Jesus in her friendships. We win when he begins to discover who God made him to be. And we win when they know how they can use their gifts to give back to God and make a difference in their world.

We win when a kid’s heart begins to break for the broken and lost around them. We win when a girl begins to pray that her friends and family would follow Jesus. We win when a boy starts a prayer group in his school. We win when she shares her testimony with a friend, or he volunteers his time to serve others alongside his family or small group.