Oils for Justice

For years I was a secret admirer/stalker of oily mamas everywhere. I always said to myself, “when I’m a mom, I’m gonna use essential oils.”

The moment God said, “Yes, and his name will be Justice,” I became a mom. So I decided to jump in and start using Young Living Essential Oils. It was time to make a change. Time to start ditching and switching over to a chemical free home. Time to get my home ready to bring home my son.

And lemme tell you something… Best. Decision. Ever!!!!

Since buying a starter kit, my life has changed. I use them everyday, all day. I think the biggest misconception is that EOs are only good for making your house smell yummy – so not true! They provide support and relief for every system of the body + all emotional support (hello! adoption is stressful ya’ll!).

To be honest, I was overwhelmed at first but I have been a part of one of the most supportive, encouraging and caring oily community ever. But with a community full of support and resources, it truly feels more like a family!

Here’s the thing you should keep in mind…God created our bodies for perfect. And there’s so many things that get us away from that…our environments, stressful situations and straight up normal life (amiright?!?). Essential oil’s are not medications. Essential oils aid the body in doing what’s its already created to do. I am using the essential oils to support my body in what it was created to do in the first place. Period. Basically essential oils help our bodies be the healthiest it can be! The best way to live above the wellness line is to use our oils every day. Consistency is key. We can not expect to use oils once and be magically better or never get sick. Not how it works.

I want to share with you my journey in natural living and help anyone else who is on the fence about it or wants to know more — it’s important to know the ingredients and products that we put into our bodies!

Many people believe these oils are new & trendy when in reality people have been using oils for such a long time! Essential oils are used for a very wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used a single oil at a time or in complex blends depending on user experience and desired benefit.

They can be used for almost anything and have already made such a difference in my life. I want to tell you about how helpful these products have been for me and more. Follow me on Instagram @jessicalynndodd and @oilsforjustice. And “Like” my oil page on Facebook “Oils for Justice”.

If you are even a lil bit curious about it and want to hear more of my story – email me (oilsforjustice@gmail.com) and let’s chat!

If you are ready to start on your oil journey…click here!